Portrait of Office Spotlight: Brady Saunders on Nonprofits

by Office Spotlight: Brady Saunders on Nonprofits

Working with nonprofits gives members of our team a unique perspective on not only accounting and consulting, but also their personal lives. Brady Saunders, Audit Supervisor, explained what he thought the most important elements of nonprofit service were and how his work with nonprofits has impacted his life.

Saunders has been at Han Group since graduating from Virginia Tech in 2013. As our Audit Supervisor, he has had the opportunity to connect with many of DC’s nonprofit firms and has enjoyed working with these clients.

​“It feels more rewarding,” Saunders said, “[nonprofit clients] are open to our help.” A particular highlight for him was the progress that he and the Han Group team were able to push clients to achieve.

In the first year of auditing, many nonprofits have grave difficulty ordering and presenting their finances. Han Group provides unique services crafted from an in-depth, personalized approach to clients. Saunders found that working with these clients to improve their financial transparency was especially rewarding.

“People thank us”

Saunders noted the importance of maintaining a clear fiscal record for nonprofits. Many nonprofits encounter difficulties acquiring, managing, and reporting grant money because of inadequate record-keeping. The Han Group team works to ensure that nonprofits are outfitted with the records they need in order to gain and maintain access to important grant funding. As Saunders put it, giving advice to nonprofits, “don’t cut corners on your accounting.”

​Saunders also reflected on the impact that his close work with nonprofits has had on him personally. He was especially struck by people’s willingness to give: “people are so generous with their money and they really expect nothing in return.”

“It’s been eye-opening to see the generosity”

The Han Group team serves nonprofits because of the important work that they do. Aiding the financial and strategic operations of nonprofit organizations is the personal mission of all of our team members, which is why we are successful at both assisting clients and gaining lasting and meaningful personal and professional experiences.

“Give yourself something to look forward to”

For other accounting professionals, Saunders stressed the importance of relaxation and rejuvenation during the notorious Busy Season, “I always leave myself one day of the week to do something fun,” Saunders said.

​Just as in our client relations, in the office at Han Group we pride ourselves on a hardworking and healthy culture – and it shows in the way we communicate with and serve our clients. We invite you to connect with our team and explore our services. Learn why we put nonprofits ahead of the rest.



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