The Client: A Business Trade Association and Related Foundation

Founded in 1951, this trade association has more than 2,500 members and is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit based in Washington, DC.

The Challenge: Staffing Changes

Change can be difficult for any organization, particularly when it comes to staffing. After a staffing reorganization, the interim CEO discovered a desk piled with papers, including invoices and other accounting documents, that were at least five months old. Not a single transaction had been entered in the company’s accounting software for months.

The Service: Managed Accounting

Han Group jumped right in to get the client back on track as quickly as possible. Han Group staff did not hesitate to sort through the piles of papers, find supporting documents, and enter the neglected transactions in the system.

With the major staff changes, the organization’s Board of Directors wanted to ensure solid internal controls and accounting practices were in place. Han Group was quickly able to design and implement these, putting the Board and interim CEO at ease.

We were able to bring the new CEO up to speed, gain her trust, and help accomplish her goals. The CEO now considers Han Group as a trusted advisor in accounting, operations, and business.

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