The Client: A Social Justice Group

Forming coalitions and building bridges is this social justice group’s prime mission. To further its organizational mission and community building efforts, it joined with another organization in 2014. Now with offices in New York City and Washington, DC, and a staff of 83, this ever-evolving group is charting new horizons.

The Challenge: Fast-Paced Merger and Growth

Mergers and structural changes are nothing new in the nonprofit world. To make things even more complicated, this combined group’s affiliated fundraising-driven 501(c)(4) partners also merged. So, with a total of four legal and financially separate entities, along with new leadership, one thing was certain: this social justice group needed a steady hand to guide it through the change.

The Service: Auditing & Assurance

The new leadership engaged Han Group to complete an audit for the merger’s first year. They were impressed with Han Group’s audit approach and appreciated how smoothly everything went—especially with the complexities involved.

They have kept growing and building new bridges. They now have an integrated family of organizations with different exemption statuses, along with a for-profit subsidiary. Han Group has been with them every step of the way, helping them plan for the future.

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