The Client: An Animal Advocacy Group

With more than 650,000 supporters around the world, an animal advocacy group in Maryland has been committed to saving lives in shelters, reforming public policies, and changing attitudes about animal welfare for more than 20 years.

The Challenge: Has anyone seen my accountant?

Year after year, they weren’t getting what they needed from their regional accounting firm. They rarely received their monthly reports on time. Their requests weren’t being addressed in a timely manner. Sometimes they were just ignored. Finally, leadership knew it was time for a change and sought out a new firm.

The Service: Managed Accounting

With Han Group, they immediately received the hands-on help they needed and, of course, received their monthly reports on time. The organization now enjoys a collaborative working relationship with Han Group and all the forward thinking and planning that it brings.

Most recently, Han Group helped this nonprofit through an annual audit process, which was another opportunity to share knowledge and help improve the organization’s stability and plans for the future.

Now, the COO has one less thing to worry about and feels she has the adequate support in accounting and finances to move forward with their strategic expansion plans.

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